(Jacob) Jekabs Stikans Software developer, Computing Science student at the University of Dundee and a different computing person that loves active lifestyle. Interested in the Internet of Things, Big Data and products that can enhance our capabilities. Look down to find out more


Lat Eco House

June, 2014

PHP MySQL Yii framework CSS HTML jQuery
The objective was to create a simple informative website for marketing Lat Eco House, a timber frame panel house manufacturer that operates in Latvian and Norwegian markets. As the project had tight deadline, it was split into two parts. A basic site for product information was created in first part. The second part of the project has not yet started. Visit project

Florbola Zinas

July - August, 2014

PHP MySQL Yii framework CSS HTML jQuery
A website for the largest floorball community in Latvia (www.florbolazinas.lv). The product has been finished, and is about to be released to the public. The development site

PeopleCounter.lv iOS wrapper

January, 2014

Hired by SIA "DTG" as an external contractor, my task was to create a hybrid iOS application displaying HTML5 website for a people counter application developed by client's subsidiary company. Peoplecounter.lv is one of the market leaders in people counting solutions for retailers in Baltic states.

SDK Mario

September - November, 2013

PHP MySQL Yii framework CSS HTML jQuery
A website for one of the top dancesport clubs in Latvia. Visit project

Bubble The Bubble

November - December, 2013

Objective-c C++ MySQL PHP Box2D GameKit framework
An iOS game was created for third year games programming module. This 2D game had bubbles in 4 different colours randomly bouncing off the screen edges. The objective for the player is to get a new high-score by linking bubbles of the same colour without touching bubbles of different colours. An article on School of Computing website
Video #1 Video #2 (Password for both videos is "ozolasakneirstipra2013")

Team Rietumu Delfin

July - August, 2011

A website for the top Latvian cycling team "Rietumu-Delfin". This was one of the first projects done for an external client. The project gave the opportunity to better experience the development process using PHP and MySQL as no frameworks were used. Visit project

Other Projects


Twitter clone

An assignment for the "Programming for the Internet" module during the third year at university. The project uses Cassandra, Java, JSP, AJAX, jQuery, bootstrap. The project is available on GitHub

Potato doctor

An android application with a web backend for the industrial team project during the fourth year at the university. The goal of the project was to create an application which would help Malawian farmers to detect potato crop diseases. Our teams application was considered as from the whole group and the client decided to test the application in real life in Malawi. The project used Java, PHP, MySQL and YiiFramework. GitHub An article on the universities website

Amigo.tv play-list retrieval

An on-line television streaming site providing new VLC play-lists every day. Out of curiosity a C++ application was made to log-in to the site, download the new play-list and re-order the channels by my preference.

Erlang assignment

Three different assignments for the Big Data module during the fourth year at university. GitHub

Graphics assignment 1

The first OpenGL assignment for Computer Graphics module during the fourth year at the university. The program was written in C++ using OpenGL GLSL. GitHub Compiled version

Graphics assignment 2

The second OpenGL assignment for Computer Graphics module during the fourth year at the university. The program was written in C++ using OpenGL GLSL. GitHub Compiled version


An interesting team project for the DataStax hack day at Dundee University. We created an iOS application which would allow to chat with random people located nearby. The project used Cassandra and JSP for the API, and Objective-c for the iOS application.

Agile assignment

A group assignment for the Agile methodology module. Our task was to fix and improve an existing stock application. GitHub


Like Travel

A website for a Latvian travel agency. Used PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML.


Star Wars Force Cube

An Arduino based physical game for the Physical Computing module. Video


Alternative website for on-line school mark journals.

The school grades in Latvia can be accessed online. However a fee is required to view detailed statistics. This site was established as an alternative for students to store and analyse their marks. Site


A website for a music band named "Exit".



A simple PHP and MySQL website for a company selling stationary supplies.

And this is me wakeboarding...